Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs: General Questions

What do you do?

We at Imagine That Workshop create unique custom designs. We specialize in making all types of custom signs and engravings. Our signs can be placed outdoors or indoor and can have a variety of light options. Some indoor signage that we have created include; Business logo signs, bathroom signs, “Order here” signs, podcast signs, and reception area signs. Some of the outdoor signage that we have created include; Store front channel letters, lit shape signs, business logo sign, and so much more.
We can also custom create many other items including: Keychains, ornaments, earrings, cake toppers, bar tap handles, beer flight paddles, QR code displays, business equipment like napkin holders, trays, pizza paddles, fajita trays, business displays like historic and memorial markers, employee of the month plaques, laptop signs, home décor like family monogram wall décor, LED house number sign, customized picture frames, wedding supplies that include invitations, party gifts, table décor, “Just Married” plaques, and so much more.

We strive to bring your designs to life. If you can imagine it we can make it!

What materials can you work with?

Our laser machine can work with all types of materials, including wood (different types and thickness), acrylic (clear, multi-colored, and mirrored), glass, foam, paper, cardboard, Dibond, rubber, slate, tile, and some metals.

Do you ship?

Yes! We currently ship all over the US. Pricing for shipping varies and is dependent on the size and weight of the item being shipped out.

Can you design logos from scratch?

Yes, we can design logos from scratch! If you have an idea of what you want to include, we can create one for you. If you can imagine it, we can make it!

Do you have a location?

Yes, we currently are located in Downey, CA. We work out of our home, so we ask that if you would like to stop by, please make an appointment so that we make it a priority to be there to take care of you. You can give us a call at (562)714-1032 to schedule an appointment.

Where can I find you on social media?

You can find us on most social media platforms. We are on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, YouTube, Threads, LinkedIn, and X (formerly Twitter). Our handle on all social media platforms is: @Imaginethatworkshop

Who have you worked with?

We are grateful to work with many different clients who have their own unique ideas that they entrust in us to create! Some of our clients include casinos, boxing companies, breweries, dispensaries, bars, podcasts, real estate agencies, auto collision centers, health centers, restaurants, and artists (rappers, comedians, musicians). We have had the opportunity to work with amazing clients such as Commerce Casino, Golden Boy Boxing, Senor Esparza Tacos, California Turn Tables, True Hustle Podcast, Beer Thug Brewing, Curtido TV, Roxanne’s Bar, Willie’s Tin Shop, Raza Golf Co., The Watche, Playhaus, and Sangre de Tigre Micheladas. We have also worked with Martin Moreno (comedian), Felipe Esparza (comedian), Beto Duran (ESPN/DAZN sports commentator), Willie Barcena (comedian), Hoozay (comedian/digital creator), Edwin San Juan (comedian), BB Sketch (artist), Concrete (comedian), J Valentino (Comedian/DJ), Reverie Love (rapper), and Jerry Garcia (comedian).

FAQs: Signage

What kind of signs do you make?

We specialize in making all types of custom signs! Our signs can be placed indoors or outdoors. They are made of different materials and can have lighting options. Some of the indoor signage that we have created include, business logo signs, bathroom signs, podcast signs, and “Order here” signs. Some of the outdoor signage we have created include, store front channel letters, lit shape signs, business logo signs, and many more.

What kind of materials can my sign be made of?

The signs that we create are usually made of a mixture of materials. Generally, the signs can be made of wood, acrylic, foam, and Dibond. We also have options to add lights to your design. The lights we use on our signs are durable and weatherproof LED lights that come in a variety of colors.

Do you do outdoor or indoor signs?

We do both! Some of the outdoor signs that we have created are store front channel letters, lit shape signs and business logo signs. All outdoor signs can be created with or without lights. Some of the indoor signs that we have created are business logo signs, double-sided hanging signs, reception area signs, bathroom signs, “Order here” signs, and podcast signs. We can also create the indoor signs to have lights.

How much more would it cost to add lights to a sign?

The cost of adding lights to a sign really depends on the design of the sign and the type of lights that are being requested. We give our clients various options for lights to suit their needs and budget.

How long will it take to get my sign?

Constructing a unique custom sign takes some time. There are a few factors to take in to account when constructing a sign, these can include size, type of design, and intricacy of details of the sign. So, the turnaround time to create a sign may vary. Typically, smaller sized signs can be completed between 4-6 weeks and larger signs can take about 6-8 weeks.

Do you do installations of the signs?

Yes, we can install the signs if that is something that the client needs. Installation costs vary, depending on the size of the sign and the location of the sign.

What is the biggest size you can make a sign?

Good question! We have no idea!...So far, we have been able to construct all sized signs. The biggest sign we have created so far is a 7ft x 18ft lit up multi-layer acrylic outdoor sign.

FAQs: Engravings

Do you offer engravings?

Yes! We can engrave on all sorts of items. In most cases, we can have engravings done within a few days depending on the number of items and details of the designs needed to be engraved.

What can you engrave on?

We can engrave on almost all materials. We have engraved on books, leather, rocks, wood blocks/tree trunks, popsicle sticks, perfume bottles, tortillas, paper invitations, flasks, bottle openers, cutting boards, drinkware (tumblers, water bottles, glass mugs, etc), bathroom tiles, slate, wooden Urn boxes, wooden Bats, guns, leaves, pies, wedding cake server sets, glass ornaments, steel utensils, and so much more!

Can I bring you my own items to engrave?

Of course! Many of our clients have brought in their own personal items that need to be engraved. We can also provide the items to engrave if the client prefers that option.